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interior & fashion accessories

YESTOMORROW is an accessory label established in 2015 by Elma Polak. The collection consists of interior (& fashion) accessories, handmade out of leather. All products show a preference for clean lines & simple styling. They are minimalistic, elegant & contemporary. I put a lot of effort in the quality of the materials and the fabrication. Most of the leather I work with is vegetable tanned. This means that no harmful chemicals were used in the tanning process. All accessories are designed and fabricated in my small design studio in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Key characteristics of the label are: high quality materials, small scale production & the smallest possible impact on the environment. As mentioned before I work with vegetable tanned leather as much as possible. I am also researching if it’s possible to use bacterial leather as a substitute for animal leather. I try to re-use all the waste pieces of leather.

The name Yestomorrow explains my vision on product design. I like to combine old knowledge (yesterday) with new techniques (tomorrow). The combination of the words also shows a very optimistic way of life; a happy mindset.

At the moment the available accessories are: hanging planters, leather drawer pulls & sandals. If everything goes as planned, I will add more products to the collection soon. At the moment I am developing some new ideas. Stay tuned! I am mostly selling through my Etsy shop, but I am looking for stockists. Please contact me if you are interested in buying my products for your shop.




For me this is a subject we cannot ignore. Taking responsibility and protecting our environment is not an option, but a must. As a designer I feel the responsibility to create a product which is beautiful + functional + sustainable at the same time. With that I mean, the design should support the functionality of the product and the material should be long-lasting and timeless. The resources of our planet are suffering from this throwaway society we live in. Everything we consume comes from the natural world and we must acknowledge that our resources are limited. When creating the patterns of new products, I am always thinking how to create them with as little waste as possible (or preferably zero-waste).

Most of the leather I work with is vegetable tanned; this means that no harmful chemicals were used in the tanning process. It is tanned in Belgium by a tannery that has existed for more than 100 years. They use a traditional, artisanal process that takes advantage of the tannic acids naturally found in some plants, by using the barks, branches or leaves. The hanging planters are the main product of the collection. The straps I use to make them are like a modular system. When I order a new piece of leather, I first cut it into straps. Because of the straps, I hardly have any left-overs. From the left-overs I have, I make the drawer pulls.

At the moment I am researching if it’s possible to use plant-based materials or bacterial leather as a substitute for animal leather.


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My studio is located in the east of Amsterdam. This is where I make all the accessories from the webshop. The atelier is filled with machines such as a stitching machine, a skiving machine and a sanding machine. I love spending time there and create nice products. Because everything is made by hand, it is also possible to make something on request. If you want to buy a hanging planter, but you need a different length, let me know. If you like the leather handles, but you need a different width, send me an e-mail and I can inform you about the possibilities.

For me it’s really important to keep this handmade character. When I make something, I leave a part of myself in it. No two handmade items are exactly alike. Variations in color & grain are inherent in a handmade item. So that means that every single item you purchase is one-of-a-kind.

Please note that leather is a natural product. The leather reacts to use and weather influences, so the color may change after a while. All products go through my own hands, so I can ensure you that each and every item is of the highest quality. Together with the high quality materials that are used, it makes these products suitable for long-time use.


My passion for product design started at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Being a person with many interests, it was hard for me to choose one direction. The Man & Identity department appealed to me most, because it combined fashion & interior. Although I still didn’t have a clear vision about which products I wanted to make, I already dreamed about my own label. After my graduation I started working as a footwear designer. This was more by coincidence than planned, but I liked it very much. After working very experimental during my study, I liked the commercial field very much. I worked in private label business for four years, then I switched to another footwear company where I could focus more on building brands. After almost four years working there, I felt more and more that I wanted to be on my own. So in 2015 I took the jump, quit my job and started my own company Studio Yestomorrow.

In this company I can combine many of my interests and capabilities. I design and develop my own accessory collection in my atelier in Amsterdam. Next to that I work as a freelance footwear designer for several companies. When I have time left, I make websites or work on graphic designs. I love the variety of design disciplines and I am very happy to finally combine them all.


footwear design studio





footwear design studio





I am also working as a freelance footwear designer for several (international) clients. At the moment it is a balanced mix between established brands, private label companies and young start-up labels. I am always interested in hearing about new projects. Here you can find my online portfolio. For more information you can contact me.


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